About Plarry

 Did you know

   Ingredients in plarry

  + Co Q 10
  + Collagen
  + Placenta
  + Lanolin
  + Squalene
  + Aloe Vera
  + Vitamin E


Co Q10 is a Coenzyme found in all cells of the body. It occurs naturally in certain amounts, and is a major factor in the electron-transport-chain between cells. Co Q10
 effectively supports the energy producing pathways to help fuel the body's daily activity.

What can CoQ10 do for your skin?

      CoQ10 (in a skin cream, for example) is helpful, especially to people over thirty years of age. The levels of CoQ10 in the skin are usually below what’s required, making it more difficult to naturally produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules.

      CoQ10-depleted skin is more prone to natural damage, especially in skin that is regularly exposed to the elements. CoQ10 boosts skin repair, regeneration and reduces  
     damage. CoQ10 is a small molecule that can easily penetrate into skin cells. Based on this rationale, companies introduced skin care products containing CoQ10. Although few real studies indicating possible practical skin benefits of CoQ10 have been conducted so far, the most encouraging was a 1999 study by German researchers, who reported that long-term use of CoQ10 vastly reduced ‘crows feet’  (wrinkles around the eyes).